Tooth Fairy Notes

My son lost a tooth and hubby wrote a great tooth fairy note (we were a day late because we forgot!) :


It says:  “My name is Francis, but some people call me Forgetful Francis.  I really don’t know why.  You see, it’s been so long since you lost a tooth, I just forgot which house you lived in by a little bit.  I went into a house, but there was a mean dog who chased me until I slammed into a window, crumpling your note a little bit.  Then I scrambled away into the road, but I got run over by a car.  Then the dog caught me and took a bite of the note…sorry.  Anyway, I finally found the house tonight.  I hope you enjoyed losing a tooth.  I think I’m going to retire.  –Francis.”

Speaking of tooth fairy notes, if you like the one below, I made two downloadable versions of it if you want to print it up and use it.  HaPpY TooThFaiRy-ing!  :)

Here’s the jpg file:JPEG
And a pdf version:PDF

5 Responses to “Tooth Fairy Notes”

  1. wilme says:

    So funny! My daughter is on the verge of losing a tooth and would love something like this :)

  2. Alyce Heidt says:

    Dear Rebekah,
    Thank you SO MUCH for posting “The Pink Tooth Fairy!”
    I was going CRAZY trying to find one for my grandaughters card I was trying to make her!! Yours was PERFECT!! I can’t thank you enough for being so generous, giving, unselfish (with your talents) and kind!! I cut it out and put it on a card…then wrote a little message and she LOVED IT!! I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but I was in such a hurry (as they came into town unexpectedly) and I wanted her to have it so I could watch the smile on her face!! (Thats really the reward and gift for a grandmother (she calles me Mimi)! Another reason I appreciate your doing that is because, by the time your my eyesight is not as great as it was before, and it takes me so long to DO anything!! You were a lifesaver…and such a Blessing!! Thank you again!! Big Hugs!!

  3. chelsea says:

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  4. chelsea says:

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