Spring Break: Oregon Coast

My “twin” sister and I at a beautiful freshwater waterfall flowing right into the salt water tide at Hug Point. (No one is hugging in the pic, however.)

More views of Hug Point. (No one is hugging in this pic, either.)

Cool tide cave at the beach. The kids loved this. We just hoped that no sneaker waves came while we were inside.

Look closely and you will see lots of peacocks wandering around the countryside. There were tons of them!

Here I am overlooking the fishing pond with my little one. :) My “curly” humidity hair.

We caught one! (We actually caught 14 rainbow trout that day and grilled them up for dinner. Delicious!)

4 Responses to “Spring Break: Oregon Coast”

  1. alli says:

    oooh! I love these pictures! I’ve been to Oregon one time and loved it! I want to go fishing now! I love eating fish that were JUST caught!

  2. BECK.E says:

    Hi! I saw your comment on le pen quotidien and like to check out other peoples’ drawing sites. So cool to see you went to the Oregon Coast! Looks like you had fun. My husband and I currently live in PA and we’re flying to Oregon Coast in August for va

  3. bearuh says:

    “I LOVE to fish!! Looks like you had fun!

  4. Janette Fischer says:

    Reb! I saw your post on Dan and Julie’s blog and had to come check yours out! How are you? I hope so so great! Your blog is awesome…so you draw all those pictures? Wow, fabulous! Give ‘tiny mike’ a hello from me and hey, I’m looking for Jessica..d

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