Illustration Friday: Skinny


Happy Halloween everybody!

16 Responses to “Illustration Friday: Skinny”

  1. barbara says:

    This is so nice…love the colors!

  2. Jessie says:

    Happy halloween! I lOVE that purple!

  3. ellie says:

    Nice lines and bold colors…’s marvelous!

  4. ellen byrne says:

    this is really cool!

  5. froggie says:

    oooo!!! she is TOO CUTE, doodles! love her stripes and super straight hair! “)))

  6. froggie says:

    ooo! she is TOO CUTE, doodles! love her super straigh skinny hair and stripes! :))

  7. shirley says:

    She’s a very sweet skinny witch! Lovely! Have a great November!

  8. Olive says:

    Such a cute witch!!! Hope you had a fun Halloween :)

  9. elisa says:

    So cute! Happy belated halloween!

  10. valgalart says:

    very delightful! i am loving her skinny striped legs :)

  11. Amy C says:

    what an awesome witch I love her green face and adore those stripy stockings

  12. Annette Q says:

    Aww…what a lovely skinny witch! I love her happy face!
    And thank you for such a lovely comment over on my blog too :-)

  13. shirley says:

    Thank you for always being so very supportive and uplifting to all of us out here in blog land…you are SUCH a great spirit. Thank you!

  14. Bella Sinclair says:

    Oooh! Legs that stretch on for miles, too! Haha, love her hat!

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