Illustration Friday: Primitive

A tip of my hat to the “primitive” or former type of government used in this land. Too much of a stretch for this week’s topic? Hey, I’m no good at doodling cavemen, okay. 😉

8 Responses to “Illustration Friday: Primitive”

  1. senta says:

    Hey I am the queen of stretching lately, ha ha! She’s so cute!!

  2. May 五月媽媽 says:

    very cute illo!

  3. rozzieland says:

    hahaha, very cute.

  4. herschel falk says:

    your notion of cavemen made me give up my earlier concept :)

  5. Monica says:

    “Very cute, Doodle Girl! I’m no good at drawing caveman either, and this little queen is just adorable.

  6. Eric Barclay says:

    Too cute! And thank you for being my first ever commenter for IF! I really, really like your Rupunzel… nice stuff!

  7. suneye says:

    Very sweet! I’m a big princess drawer too :-)

  8. mily says:

    this is awsome i hope you keep doing this cuz she is sooooo cute

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