Illustration Friday: Contagious

The laughter was contagious after Norsda told one of her earthling jokes.

23 Responses to “Illustration Friday: Contagious”

  1. theartofpuro says:

    They are so funny,love it

  2. Annette Q says:

    This made me smile!what a bright and fun illustration:-)

  3. jack foster says:

    hahaha..laughter is contagious! Love your cute and witty illustration. Nice work!!!

  4. cathie says:

    your work, and your blog are a wonderful taste of whimsy. adorable.

  5. Becky Schultea says:

    What a cute bunch of aliens…I see Norsda likes earthling shoes too! :o) They are all just adorable and so colorful, which I love! Great concept and execution – fun!!

  6. elizabeth S. says:

    “soooooo cute looooove it!!!!!

  7. Vicky Knowles says:

    These are adorable, so happy!

  8. Donna says:

    “It’s contagious and healthy!

  9. donna childree gotlib says:

    “Contagious and healthy.

  10. Jenn DesAutels says:

    Hard to pick a fave alien – ol’ twelve-eyes… or fuzzy yella fella… very cute!!

  11. valgalart says:

    hilarious and charming!

  12. Loni Edwards says:

    Oh this is adorable! I love it! Well done!

  13. ralu says:


  14. Manola says:

    It’s so funny! ^___^ I like!!!

  15. shirley says:

    “Very sweet aliens! I love all of the eyes!

  16. Anonymous says:

    You are such a versatile artist. I love these new creatures.

  17. says:

    Nice work Doodle Girl!! 😀

  18. Anonymous says:

    “Wooow!! This is like a alien party! They are funny and colorful!!

  19. fashion fucsia says:

    This is like a alien party! They are funny and colorful!!(sorry i have forgot put my name)

  20. Peter Breese says:

    What fun these aliens are! I especially like the little yellow dude!

  21. emrob/Emily Sue says:

    Awesome! That’s my sister 😉

  22. dj says:

    Norsda’s so cute!

  23. cole says:

    love it!!!!:)

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