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Illustration Friday: Multiple

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Multiple ice cream flavors are better than one! (If you can keep them all on the cone…)

The Birth of a Blog

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Spring: The promise of new growth, re-birth, warmth, a fresh start. I looked outside today to see almost all of the snow melted. The ground is mingled with moisture and mud. The purple pansies I planted last fall are lying flat on the soil in the pots on my porch. The vibrant green of their stems and pop of their purple petals reveals the life within. They have only been sleeping under the silent snow. As they awake, they begin to disclose their secrets to the sun.

This new blog will highlight happenings, enhance events, detail doodling , and mark monumental and miniscule moments. As a theatre lover, I feel I now have my own little stage to awaken some practice and track development in my art. As well as chronicle some of life’s little happenings. I’m excited to start. (Thanks for reading!)